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The training appliances and complete sets of equipment for biological, physical, chemical, technological classes and other different school disciplines including training furniture and auditorium blackboards.
The complete sets for classes and laboratories of biology, physics, chemistry and for other disciplines for primary and secondary schools, for professional colleges and high schools. Equipment of sport halls, gymnasiums and centers.

The educational equipment and equipment for rescue services, for the Ministry of Emergency Measures, for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for medicine of accidents, for services of bank-collection, for studies of the industrial safety, for the enterprises of the Russian Opened Society "Unified Energy System" etc.
The production of Open Joint-Stock Company "MEDIUS" is certificated according State system of certification "UchSert" of Russian Academy of Education.


Phytocomplex GREEN WALL

T12k "Maxim-III-01" is the mechanical simulator of cardiopulmonary and brain resuscitation (CPR), with indication of performed actions correctness, test modes, and interactive animation software.


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